Betting Sports Totals, Great Gambling Secret Exposed

Big betting secret revealed from Joe Duffy.

SAS Betting System Heard on Radio

Alert! Alert! Alert! MyBookie is now a 100% bonus up to $1000. Yes, hurry for a limited time! Deposit $1,000 and have $2,000 to bet now at MyBookie! Follow us on social media: YouTubeFacebookPeriscopeVKOKTwitterInstagram (new and hot), Pinterest. Locked and loaded menu for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks OFF 3-0 SWEEP! 4-0 TONIGHT In the short-term, nights like last night have not been as commonplace. But the unprecedented domination has returned. 3-0 last night. I told you that I will not force picks on the super sellable MNF unless the metrics dictate. But Golden State OVER, New Orleans OVER, Washington lead a 3-0 sweep. Get four winning picks in the NBA for tonight. Three are sides, plus a total. Get the picks now MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their Best Sports; Pennies on the Dollar10-3-1; NBA GAME OF THE MONTH FROM ALL-TIME LEGEND All-time leading handicapper in all sports, going back to 976-LOCK days is known for his famed …

JR Wins, ATSVegas, George Romanelli

Yes, your radio has ads from JR Wins, George Romanelli, ATS Vegas, Jonathan Stone, and more. But who has the sharpest bets? There is only one website that traces its roots to the score phone days and it is the true sharp bettors systems. 
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Locked and loaded menu for Friday, November 30, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks FOOTBALL TOTAL; INTERCONFERENCE TOTAL OF THE YEAR AMONG 2 NBA + CBB Friday night college football total, plus in NBA get Interconference Total of the Year among three winning picks. Also get college basketball side. Not the ending to November we envisioned, but the winning streaks always have and always will outnumber the losing streaks since I went public in 1988. Get the picks now *** Saturday, two Wise Guy in college football, ei…

Free Monday Night Football and NBA Betting Tips, Free Pick

Rare, I mean utterly rare losing day for JDP. So now is the time to jump on because the bookies have hell to play. Oh, we had one of our worst NFL Sundays in 30 years in the business and finished the football weekend five games above .500. Let that sink in. A nightmare for us is going five games above .500 in football. Very rare case of MNF side and total.  Buy early because we have four NBA led by two Wise Guys led by systems we got from a powerful syndicate. These lines are all but certain to move. Get the picks now

#1 NFL Handicapper and Top Sports Betting Services Info Week 6 NFL

Jason Jordan, SAS System, JA Cavalier 1-800-741-1122 Tout Scam

Get a call from 1-800-741-1122?   It's all part of the a large family of funds of scammers going by the names of Jason Jordan, The SAS System of J..A Cavalier, Jonathan Stone. All these are from the boiler room touts heard on the Johnny DeMarco and and other score phones. For those who want legitimate picks, here you go.

Hank Petrello is scamming and spamming you. So is RJ Sports, David Brooks, MK Sports, John West, Sharpwins, OTL Sports, screw them and stick with the best handicapper in the world.