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SAS Betting System Heard on Radio

Alert! Alert! Alert! MyBookie is now a 100% bonus up to $1000. Yes, hurry for a limited time! Deposit $1,000 and have $2,000 to bet now at MyBookie! Follow us on social media: YouTubeFacebookPeriscopeVKOKTwitterInstagram (new and hot), Pinterest. Locked and loaded menu for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks OFF 3-0 SWEEP! 4-0 TONIGHT In the short-term, nights like last night have not been as commonplace. But the unprecedented domination has returned. 3-0 last night. I told you that I will not force picks on the super sellable MNF unless the metrics dictate. But Golden State OVER, New Orleans OVER, Washington lead a 3-0 sweep. Get four winning picks in the NBA for tonight. Three are sides, plus a total. Get the picks now MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their Best Sports; Pennies on the Dollar10-3-1; NBA GAME OF THE MONTH FROM ALL-TIME LEGEND All-time leading handicapper in all sports, going back to 976-LOCK days is known for his famed …

JR Wins, ATSVegas, George Romanelli

Yes, your radio has ads from JR Wins, George Romanelli, ATS Vegas, Jonathan Stone, and more. But who has the sharpest bets? There is only one website that traces its roots to the score phone days and it is the true sharp bettors systems. 
Alert! Alert! Alert! MyBookie is now a 100% bonus up to $1000. Yes, hurry for a limited time! Deposit $1,000 and have $2,000 to bet now at MyBookie! This is the single biggest bonus ever offered from a thoroughly vetted sportsbook.
Locked and loaded menu for Friday, November 30, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks FOOTBALL TOTAL; INTERCONFERENCE TOTAL OF THE YEAR AMONG 2 NBA + CBB Friday night college football total, plus in NBA get Interconference Total of the Year among three winning picks. Also get college basketball side. Not the ending to November we envisioned, but the winning streaks always have and always will outnumber the losing streaks since I went public in 1988. Get the picks now *** Saturday, two Wise Guy in college football, ei…

Free Monday Night Football and NBA Betting Tips, Free Pick

Rare, I mean utterly rare losing day for JDP. So now is the time to jump on because the bookies have hell to play. Oh, we had one of our worst NFL Sundays in 30 years in the business and finished the football weekend five games above .500. Let that sink in. A nightmare for us is going five games above .500 in football. Very rare case of MNF side and total.  Buy early because we have four NBA led by two Wise Guys led by systems we got from a powerful syndicate. These lines are all but certain to move. Get the picks now

#1 NFL Handicapper and Top Sports Betting Services Info Week 6 NFL

Jason Jordan, SAS System, JA Cavalier 1-800-741-1122 Tout Scam

Get a call from 1-800-741-1122?   It's all part of the a large family of funds of scammers going by the names of Jason Jordan, The SAS System of J..A Cavalier, Jonathan Stone. All these are from the boiler room touts heard on the Johnny DeMarco and and other score phones. For those who want legitimate picks, here you go.

Hank Petrello is scamming and spamming you. So is RJ Sports, David Brooks, MK Sports, John West, Sharpwins, OTL Sports, screw them and stick with the best handicapper in the world.

Week 3 NFL Betting; Every Major Sports Service Play

Locked and loaded menu for Sunday, September 23, 2018 and Sunday NFL trends report. LATEINFO, Special Reserve Releases 15-4 ALL SPORTS WITH AKRON YESTERDAY! 1 ET SIDE Yep, Akron does it again or more accurately our beloved Philly sharp just keeps on winning. LateInfo 15-4 in all sports. 1 ET NFL side from Big Red is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers and tops the list of sources for LateInfo. Get the picks now Joe Duffy’s Picks 5 NFL LED BY WISE GUY JDP has five NFL winning picks led by a Wise Guy side. Nobody has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL for decades. Get the picks now Yes, we also take Western Union and Bitcoin for longer-term packages. Please email us through contactus form. MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their Best Sports; Pennies on the DollarFIRST NATIONALLY RANKE…

Bengals-Ravens Top Sports Service Bets, Picks on Boston College-Wake Forest Against the Spread

Critical intel betting podcast for tonight. With Vegas Sports Consultants, Hank Petrello of HankWins, with Rob Stanza and more peppering you with SPAM. Who are the big plays for football betting NFL and college?

Vetted sportsbooks: MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline SportsBettingBovadaGTBets|BetDSI| Locked and loaded menu for Thursday, September 13, 2018 Thursday night NFL and college football betting previewfrom a broadcast that goes back to the 1980s. Joe Duffy’s Picks UNDERDOG NATIONALS AS MLB GOY WINS; 2 MLB, FIRST AT 3:10 ET, ANOTHER AT NIGHT Fresh off MLB Game of the Year winner on underdog Washington, JDP has three Thursday football winners, led by Boston College-Wake Forest side and total including Thursday Night Total of the Year. Also get NFL TNF total. Two MLB winners. One 3:10 ET day, one night.  Get the picks now ***Already up for Saturday is SEC West Total of the Year among four college football winners. Note: two bets have been cancelled because of Hurrica…

Memorial Day Free Pick and Game 7 Preview Warriors Rockets


Memorial Day Betting Picks NBA and MLB

Winning sports handicapper intel is sponsored by Get the largest bonus MyBookie offers if and only if you use the promo code, “Duffy.” MyBookie has 24-7 clients who speak English. Can you call your local guy any time with any question? You can at MyBookie Monday, May 28, 2018 Thank you to all who sacrificed for our freedom Joe Duffy’s Picks 469-352 WINNING JUICE 62 TIMES; WARRIORS-ROCKETS TOTAL; 4 MLB WISE GUYS ALL AT 4:05 ET OR LATER, MLB MAJOR Since August 27, JDP is 469-352 winning the juice 62 times, 17 times of +193 or higher. NBA total plus five MLB led by four Wise Guys at 4:05 ET or later. One of the great sustained runs from the best handicapper to walk the face of the earth continues today. Get the picks now Stevie Vincent, Top Technical Handicapper in History 7-3; LEVEL 5 SIDE AND OU GOLDEN STATE/HOUSTON LED BY PERFECT PLAY Stevie Vincent is 7-3 overalland has Level 5 side and OU on Golden State/Houston pro basketball game. A Perfect Play is when a 100 percent a…

Best NBA Playoff Picks to Beat Top Offshore Sportsbook Bovada

Free pick and critical intel sponsored by Bovada sportsbook. Among the advantages For horse racing, they have 94 tracks to bet onBeen paying all clients on-time since 2011Over 4 billion slot spins since their inceptionBlackjack tables approaching 2 million roundsPost sports lines before most and carry what many have off the board All this and more at Bovada Other sportsbooks we love MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline SportsBetting. Sunday, May 13, 2018 Freepreview of NBA Conference Finals, purely from standpoint of the bettorREDS +162 MAKES LATE INFO 2-0 FOR THE WEEK Joe Duffy’s PicksNBA SIDE; MLB JUICY LUCY Still a few more weeks left in the historic winnings of JDP.NBA side Sunday.Also get abaseball Juicy Lucy.Previously referred as a Dandy Dog, a Juicy Lucy is either a moneyline underdog or runline favorite in which we get at least +140 juice. We changed the name to reflect it includes runline chalk.Get the picks now MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their…

NCAA Tournament Picks 2018, NIT, NBA Locks

MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline SportsBetting | Bovada  Betting the NCAA Tournament? You do not want to miss this revelation of secrets of the pros.  Get every Joe Duffy pick of the NCAA Tournament when they come out. Beat the line moves. Weekly Joe Duffy and Bet it Trinity pick pack will also include NCAA Tournament early releases through Sunday Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks3 WISE GUYS INCLUDING NCAA TOURNAMENT AMONG 5 WINNERS A special portfolio is up for tonight in NCAA Tournament, NIT, and NBA. Two college Wise Guys, one in Big Dance, the other NIT. Truthfully, we are about winning, so we don’t care where the opportunity leads us. We will exploit. NBA Wise Guy and NCAA Tournament Major among five college and NBA winners.  My goodness. Our Million Dollar March on Vegas and Offshore is well underway. This means 16-hour days and a lot of winners. We work too hard and have way too much intel to not win more than anyone else. So if you want to win, your decision could no…

Massive March Madness Tournament Winning Picks 2018 For Conference Tournaments

MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline | SportsBetting | Bovada  >>>Check out our video revealing secrets for betting March Madness<<< The media all over the world trusts Joe Duffy as a betting expert, just like gamblers have since 1988.  Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Joe Duffy’s Picks5-2 YESTERAY; 300-207 SINCE AUGUST 27; 3 DAY CBB (2 AND 3 ET, 6 ET) AMONG 7 BASKETBALL WINNERS And we keep winning. How the hell can you possibly be on the outside looking in? Do you loathe winning? We are 300-207 since August 27 and I am approaching my 30th anniversary of winning publically. A huge winning portfolio is evolving for today.  Three day college winners are up at 2, 3, and 6 ET. Three NBA and one college for night winning! We have two outsourced picks from literally one of the top minds on earth plus my gosh, corroborating computer betting systems that you and I have won with for most of my 30 years of picks being public! Get the picks now MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sport…

Villanova-Xavier Winning Pick Backed By Stunning Betting Formula

Villanova Wildcats vs. Xavier Musketeers for Franciscan
Friar supremacy. Who covers? Joe Duffy, world’s top basketball handicapper
reveals the winner.
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Top College Basketball Handicapper and Sports Services of 2018 With Games of the Year Tonight

MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline | SportsBetting | Bovada  How do pro gamblers use the “Luck Factor” as a winning handicapping tool? It’s a must-see video! Friday, February 16, 2018  Joe Duffy’s Picks 23-12 OVERALL; 2 COLLEGE BASKETBAL WINNING PICKS BACKED BY ANGLE THAT LITERALLY WINS EVERY YEAR We have hit 23-of-35 picks. Tonight, that angle that literally has never had a losing season applies twice and both rise to the level of premium play. Two college winners. The red-hot angle is 810-644. Get the picks now MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their Best Sports; Pennies on the Dollar2 BIG GAME OF THE YEAR PICKS TONIGHT FROM PROVEN WINNERS The No. 1 all sports service in all sports combined for 2017-18 combined is a long-term veteran out of Las Vegas. In college football, he has had winning seasons 15 of the 17 he has been in business. The “No Brainer” bets are up at least 17 units in every sport. No Brainer Ivy League Game of the Year No. 1 NBA and college b…