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The sports handicapping services menu for: Friday, January 9, 2015

 Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent

Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore


Superstar Stevie Vincent has a Level 5 pro basketball for Friday. Sensational tipster Stevie Vincent has been winning for you since the Freescoreboard scorephones broadcast across North America. Get the picks now

Joe Duffy's Picks

Scorephone legend in 1988; measures success by the decade


Let the winning continue as we are 15-5 in the NBA including big Wise Guy on Rockets by 24. We are 31-19 in all basketball. Another great situation screams out in the NBA tonight. Find out who all sharps will be on. Get the picks now

Bombshell! Joe Duffy's Picks 13-6 in the NFL including a +230 underdog winner as NFL Money Line Game of the Year. We have hit 4-of-5 in college football. Get four NFL and the National Championship Game winner for this weekend with draw dropping analysis. You must have a package that includes Monday to access so get four-day Joe Duffy's Picks or Bet it Trinity now Get the picks now

Live odds, betting percentages, daily and weekly fantasy sports in which sharp gamblers dominate, and the top approved sportsbooks are all right here. There are endless options!

 MasterLockLine Sports Betting Services

The power of 620 sports services behind every sports pick; Traces roots back to scorephone LockLine of 1980s


Statmaven Sports is No. 1 all-time on as far as plays that have risen to the level to be re-released. Rankings trace back to the 976-LOCK scorephone days through the SuperLockLine and are all-sports combined.  In other words, their highest rated plays have proven since 1980 to be as good as any sports service.  NBA angle based on defensive points per possession allowed, three-point field goal offense/defense ratio, and several home/road splits is +245.1

Talk about long-term profit, a well-known handicapper is easily No. 1 since 1990. His highest rated picks are 10* and he is on a six-day winning streak. 10* NBA Game of the Week. Get the picks now or a free pick

Each handicapper highest rated play is as follows: GodsTips (Wise Guy), Stevie Vincent (Level 5),Masterlockline of course varies from service but generally (Biggest Play) 




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