ATS Locks: Stanford-UCLA, Falcons-Saints, Western Kentucky-North Texas, Auburn-Kentucky

Weekday football increases this week and we are honored that multi-media has brought us clients who are new to the greatness. Price reduced to account for the season already starting, in the midst of one of the best seasons since going public in 1988, jump on the football only or NFL only pick pack. Oh and the fact I purchased and traded some killer computer systems with big time syndicates has paid huge dividends. Best off all with the full-season packages, you get the winners before the lines move! 

Get rest of college football regular and postseason, NFL regular and postseason through Super Bowl from Joe Duffy's Picks, the Industry Standard since 1988. #fact

The sports handicapping services menu for: Thursday, October 15, 2015

MasterLockLine Sports Betting Services

The power of 620 sports services behind every sports pick; Traces roots back to scorephone LockLine of 1980s


This is literally one of the greatest sustained winning streaks in the history of gambling with 45 winning days in the last 60. Please think about that for a moment. Those who are not MasterLockLine clients, so when was the last time you had 45 winning days out of 60? Unless you get the picks at, almost certain the answer is never. Change that. You have that power.

The Bruins +145 and a Game of the Year on the Blue Jays were part of a 3-1 yesterday, 14-7 recently from Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. Have you locked in long-term yet?

Service of out the Golden State is the top handicapper west of the Mississippi. He has been offered nearly seven figures per year to join a famed Las Vegas sports handicapping marketing giant, but has spurned offers because they demanded marketing concessions that would negatively affect his modules. One and only Postseason Side and Total Parlay of the Year Mets vs. Dodgers game 5.

The top NHL sports service off all-time is also No. 1 since 2008, 2010, and 2012. They win as consistently in the NHL as any service in any sport in the history of the MasterLockLine. off Off another winner last night (sound familiar, it should) with an underdog on the Bruins. Another underdog winner tonight

No. 1 handicapper in all sports since the turn of the century especially when he waives his normal star rating for a play he says is too strong for star system. He is the former right-hand man of a long-time scorephone handicapper who fell into the abyss of mediocrity once the brains behind the operation left years ago. Small College Game of the Year Western Kentucky/North Texas side. Get the picks now or a free pick and complete menu

 Joe Duffy's Picks

Advanced Analytics from Scorephone Legend; Top Capper Ever Based on Units Won


Get the Thursday Night Interdivision Game of the Year in the NFL. But it is clearly the best Thursday night of football season as we have Pac-12 Game of the Year one of the few times in history I have had two GOYs in the same day. Oh I have Wise Guy on the UCLA-Stanford total as well. Get the picks now

Also up a Sunday NFL Wise Guy! More weekend football coming. You must have a package that includes Monday to access so get either the Bet it Trinity (best value) or Joe Duffy's 5-day or longer to access now  

 Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent

Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore


The Great One Stevie Vincent has the Kentucky/Auburn game side. Get some striking angles backing up this spectacular bet. Also get the pro baseball over/under the New York Mets/Los Angeles Dodgers. Get the picks now

Each handicapper highest rated play is as follows: GodsTips (Wise Guy), Stevie Vincent (Level 5),Masterlockline of course varies from service but generally (Biggest Play) 

Get birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc video montages better and cheaper than competition!






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