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Fantasy NBA players $300,000 is guaranteed to be given away.

The sports handicapping services menu for: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

 Joe Duffy's Picks

Advanced Analytics from Scorephone Legend; Top Capper Ever Based on Units Won


We are 29-12 in college football and there is no end in site. Tuesday College Football Game of the Year as we build on a 29-12 college football explosion in which we are hitting every named play in site and few are close.

We have an NBA Wise Guy among three NBA winners, two sides and a total. We are 74-44 with Wise Guys in all sports, which includes 11 Dandy Dog winners, which are moneyline underdogs of 140 or more. Get the picks now

We have a loaded weekend portfolio and have gotten a ton up early to bet the line moves. Not only do most pro gamblers get my picks, but several whales and syndicates use the same metrics to destroy the bookies, so the earlier you buy the better. Wednesday get two Wise Guys and a Major in college football. We have a splendid Saturday with ESPN2 Game of the Year, SEC Total of the Year, Big Ten Total of the Year among a season high six Wise Guys among 10 college football winners.

Onward to Sunday where Indianapolis +195 kept us undefeated with moneyline (all underdogs) picks this season. Yep, we knew Denver was primed for the picking and we were right again.  We have another NFL underdog moneyline winning pick. You must have a package that includes Monday to access so get either the Bet it Trinity (best value) or Joe Duffy's Picks weekly to access now. Get the picks now 

MasterLockLine Sports Betting Services

The power of 620 sports services behind every sports pick; Traces roots back to scorephone LockLine of 1980s


What has been the secret to enormous success in the NBA on the MasterLockLine? It is the knowledge that NBA betting has the smallest number of proven winners year in and year out. We focus on their picks. You are welcome to visit other website as bookies need to make a living too. But the truth is any sports service bet worth wagering on elsewhere will be released on the MasterLockLine. Plus most of the best NBA sources are not touts, but MasterLockLine Exclusives!

Incredibly a sports service out of the Midwest remains No. 1 in college football based on all-time units won. You have won with their Executive Plays here since 2010! Without question the most sought after bets in college football in the history of MasterLockLine going back to 1980 scorephone 976-LOCK. They are at No. 6 this season and are arguably the most consistent single sports winner in history. Tuesday Night Executive Play Total of the Year on Kent/Ohio

Service out of Las Vegas is 23-4 the last 27 picks. Sunday they nail NFL Game of the Month on Vikings. Monday they cash in with Bears, Pacers UNDER, Grizzlies UNDER. You know it is legit, you got it right here. Two NBA sides and an NBA total

The top NHL sports service off all-time is also No. 1 since 2008, 2010, and 2012. They win as consistently in the NHL as any service in any sport in the history of the MasterLockLine. Two NHL sides. Get the picks now or a free pick and complete menu

 Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent

Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore


The time has come. Worldwide Gambling Bulletin. Perfect Play in collegiate and pro basketball maintains a 71 percent lifetime winning percentage and the first goes tonight on a side. A Perfect Plays means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. In fact get two pro basketball sides in which the top angle in each game is a combined 29-2 in your favor. Get the picks now

Each handicapper highest rated play is as follows: GodsTips (Wise Guy), Stevie Vincent (Level 5),Masterlockline of course varies from service but generally (Biggest Play) 

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