Massive March Madness Tournament Winning Picks 2018 For Conference Tournaments

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018
  • Joe Duffy’s Picks
And we keep winning. How the hell can you possibly be on the outside looking in? Do you loathe winning? We are 300-207 since August 27 and I am approaching my 30th anniversary of winning publically. A huge winning portfolio is evolving for today. 
Three day college winners are up at 2, 3, and 6 ET. Three NBA and one college for night winning! We have two outsourced picks from literally one of the top minds on earth plus my gosh, corroborating computer betting systems that you and I have won with for most of my 30 years of picks being public! Get the picks now 
  • MasterLockLine, Top Plays From Nation’s Top Sports Services in Their Best Sports; Pennies on the Dollar
 4-0 SWEEP; 28-16 ALL
Off a 4-0 sweep, Power of every legitimate sports service pick, computer ranking, known syndicates behind us, we give you the highest rated bets from the top sources in their highest rated sports is 28-16 including 4-0 sweep yesterday.
Retired full-time handicapper Bill Tanner is now a Managing Partner with the MasterLockLine. The best basketball betting expert since being proprietor of the super popular 900-976-LOCK number, his picks are now exclusive to MLL. We release his equivalent of Platinum Play. He is one of the famed Big 3 NBA sources for picks. Toronto in a rout last night. Double-Platinum Games of the Year are 22-8-1 in all sports since 2006! Double Platinum Conference Tournament Game of the Year super rare and powerful bet goes on Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech 7 ET national TV tonight. 
Service widely accepted as the top small college football and basketball handicapper in the world. In fact, in college sports, he is ranked No. 1 since 2008. Big Sky Parlay of the Year wins easily on Southern Utah and Northern Colorado making him 19-5 with Games/Totals/Parlays of the Week/Month/Year. Mountain West Parlay of the Year from all-time great
The No. 1 college sports, basketball and football combined makes only picks in those sports and has been winning since 2004. Atlantic 10 Game of the Year
You remember him from the scorephone days. He is the top conference specialist in college football and basketball. Once the king of the old Big East and A-10, the Rutgers grad and college sports fanatic is a firm, though distant second to Hall-of-Famer gambler Bill Tanner in Big Ten domination. Atlantic 10 Game of the Year on a different game than the above winner! Get a free sports service bet, which also has the full menu, then Get the picks now   
  • Stevie Vincent, Top Technical Handicapper in History 
Stevie hits Level 5 New Orleans over last night and the winning does not end. TGO is 141-88 with all picks. Get a collegiate night winner plus pro basketball from Grandmaster led by a Perfect Play. A Perfect Play is an angle that has won 100 percent of the time, but must involve a minimum of 12 games. In fact, the top angle in each game is 23-1 in your favor. We unlock the angles inside the play. Get the picks now   
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