Breaking Pregame Betting Picks For Saturday College Football Odds

Yes GodsTips does have 11 winners on the Saturday card, Sept. 18, 2009,  but let’s tell you more about it. GodsTips is the top football betting service ever based on money won. It’s the biggest card of the year as the College Football Game of the Month is among four Wise Guys and seven Majors.

As always we have the complete analysis. All handicappers who actually research their picks are happy to post analysis. Rest assured if no rationale is posted, it’s a coin flip.

You find out specifically how to use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. The game film scout services have for us some major mismatches on a game and we tell you exactly what they are and how bettors must exploit them.

Get two competitor consensus plays. If we do not have a lean towards one side but it does not rise to the level of premium play, but get a strong play or consensus from the few other handicappers we respect, we pass it as a “competitor consensus”.

There are a couple of famed outlaw line plays. The official outlaw line is what the odds would be if there was no consideration given to public perception and balancing the action.  It is the more accurate line from the standpoint of the bettor.

One of the marquee games Tennessee vs. Florida has a sharp versus square pick. This is when our offshore, Vegas, and outlaw contacts tell us a strong majority of sharp players are betting one side, while square players the other.  Contrarian betting is enormously successful and we go with the sharp and against the square.

All 11 winners are just $17. Click now to purchase


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