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Here is your locked and loaded menu for Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009


The top money won handicapper in the 21st century is a handicapper out of Philadelphia who rates his plays 5, 7.5 and 10 stars. He is especially rewarding in professional sports, where his NFL and NBA combined units won is No. 1 all-time. Already 16-7 with 10* going back to the preseason, get East Carolina/North Carolina side, USC/Washington side, Michigan/Notre Dame total, and San Jose State/Stanford side


Kal Elner is without any question the top small college basketball and football handicapper ever.  Nonconference Parlay of the Year on Florida International/Rutgers side and total


Service out of Chicago is No. 1 since 1992 in all sports combined. Their highest rated plays are Prime Plays. TCU last Saturday and Atlanta Sunday, a sweep last week. Florida Atlantic/South Carolina side is a Prime Play.


Sports service out of Midwest is the No. 1 all-time CFB service in units won. Their highest rated plays are Executive Plays. Saturday, Sept 5 this magnificent service sweeps with Army and UCLA as Exec Plays. Sunday it was Ole Miss. Monday Miami Florida and Thursday Clemson. You know it's legit because you got it right here. Saturday, Sept. 5 with was Central Michigan, Idaho, and West Virginia. You know it's legit because you got EVERY ONE OF THEM. Already 8-1 with Executive Plays they have Temple/Penn State side, Utah/Oregon total, Nevada/Colorado State


A newer service out of San Diego has recently qualified and become just one of two sports betting services ranked in the Top 10 in each and every sport: MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NBA, and overall. (Minimum 1,000 bets each sport and 5,000 overall). Their top play is a 1000-star Perfect Storm.  Last week it was 3-1 with Perfect Storms in football. Saturday, Sept. 12 a sweep with BYU, Georgia over, Sunday New Orleans and Monday it was Oakland.  Today get West Virginia/Auburn, Georgia/Arkansas


Free: Leo Getz Vanderbilt


Please note that plays released are generally not every play released by the service. We pass along ONLY the top rated plays from the top rated sports services in their highest rated sports. Even if a top ranked service has a highly rated play, we may cancel it's re-release because of conflicting information from other top services.

Our rankings are based on:

Default category: Total net units won—how much money a service won based on one unit per play including the juice

Winning percentage—self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

ROI—based on units risked versus units won ratio, minimum 50 units risked to qualify. This category also takes into consideration multiple unit picks

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